Saturday, July 30, 2011

Amnesic Episodes

I hear footsteps pacing fast upstairs. It wakes me from the slumber. I knew it was my friend from downstairs and there is a water overflow, with the urgency of the strides. He opens my door and looks at me, dead still in bed (actually I was awake and pretending to be asleep).
He leaves me undisturbed and goes down. After a while I hear the footsteps with same urgency. This time, he pops up at my window and says “dost!” I looked at him and saw the frown painted on his face which otherwise is cheerful, usually. I saw the gloomy face, an angry face and thought I flooded his room this time. He said it’s too much and wanted to complain the two other occupants upstairs, who have (including me) often left the water pump on and overflowed the water into the rooms of the two friends downstairs. 
Today, it was me for the two others hadn’t arrived yet and their room was locked. I was wondering how that happened when I remember putting the switch off. Anyways I was the only the one home and by default the prime accuse.
It had flooded the rooms and wet the mattresses which were laid on the floor. When I went to his room after sometime, I saw him resting on the bed still with the frown but with lesser intensity. I took responsibility for the mistake and explained him, I remember putting off the switch and falling asleep thence. Anyway I had crossed the threshold today, I wet his mattress.
As I tried to work out how that happened, I am in doubt whether I actually put off the switch (water pump’s) which probably happened thus, I remember going to put off the switch but I forgot when I reached the bathroom. Then I took a nap rest assured I had put off the switch.
It is quite weird, I have been forgetting things. For instance I was going for the lecture hall second floor; I realized I was heading wrong way in the first floor when friends asked me where I was going. I constantly forget the messages to be passed onto the friends. In fact, it becomes stale by the time I remember to convey the message or he would have known by that time.
Once I was giving an account of what I had eaten in the local restaurant, I missed the yogurt. The man in the counter gave me a blank look and I asked what? Anything wrong? He answered politely rather with sarcasm in his tone, “I think you also had Yogurt”…oh yeah! I had one…I just broke into smiles…..that is much better than an instance where I was walking out without paying……
It is not unusual for small transactions to happen within friends, some lending and borrowing. I have failed many times to repay back owing to my forgetfulness. This should be a warning to my lenders to remind me constantly or lose the dollars….LOL…..
I had forgotten the name of one my roommates in school hostel despite trying hard to remember, my effort was futile. I thought it was the long duration since I last him but that ain’t a reasonable excuse. I am wondering if age has really caught up with me, but am in early twenties and that doesn’t make me an elderly. Many times I have forgotten to put the Rice cooker in cook mode or walk to shop without purse. Oh! Weirdo….that’s weird……probably I have forgotten many other incidences which of course didn’t trouble anyone like it did today to my friend downstairs who is drying his mattresses. But am relieved as I write this, I can hear him…it seems he is in good mood. While i hope my memory circuits not to wane it's vitality too early. I will need some of the memories to tell my grandchildren. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Encounter with Don Jerry

I planned to murder two unborn chickens in red shells,
worth  336 mg of cholesterol each for my supper. 
As I opened the door of my ill looking, so called kitchen,
which is more of an empty store with a sink and table for stoves.
I saw a rat, big enough to scare a cat.
I call it the city rat, the mafia kind.
Don Jerry would be a good name.
As it saw me with two chickens in my hand,
it was real surprised.
I caught the Don red handed.
I saw the glimpse of fear in its eye and I had a feeling to commit a real crime.
For missing tomatoes and tomatoes half nibbled had made me wait for the chance.
The Don Jerry was over powered with my human silhouette, it gave a flee.
The Don spun around the stove and made a leap.
It was a graceful leap I should say given the situation it was trapped in
With murder in my mind, it was worse.
But it leaped on my feet and gave me a leap.
It was swift and escape was a success story Don would tell
To the new recruits in his ‘Mafiadom’.
With the leap, I nearly slipped the chicken from my grip.
Before, the chickens reached the pan.
It would have been a bad fall for the chickens
And less cholesterol in my diet