Thursday, January 19, 2012

Once, When I was Lost

Oh mamma, it was a bright sunny day
But enough trouble I did bring
That was the day I was lost
And that made you search
The neighborhood
And the small Zhemgang town
There was no sign of me to be found
You looked for me at the school
But I wasn't there
The school was up for the day
And all children were home
The night was setting in fast
I was at the uncle’s
With my cousins
A mile away from our home
That was a time a mile was a mile
Mobile we had none
Nor was automobile plenty
I didn’t know trouble I would bring
To my parents and myself
I knew my share
When a whip caught me by surprise
It was dad, and I saw his rage
Oh yeah! It was time to flee
I ran the road terrified
Looking closely for dad
Dad however gave up the chase
That spared me some whip
Mamma, was there to rescue
And the whole neighborhood
I was shielded by mamma
Until Dad seem fine
When we reminisce about the incident
It makes us laugh
The innocence of the little boy
Is long lost
But those little (mis)adventures
That colored my childhood
Is much cherished