Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Letter to My Parents

note: writer is my cousin, Hannah who expresses her feelings for her parents in this letter.

Dear Papa and Mama,
You have your daughter who is remembering you in this piece of paper although it seems so worthless. It is worthless because you will not know what I’m writing here. It may look like the insects scattered here and there on the bright wall to you. But I know that you will smile when you gently pick the paper and bring near your nose tips. You will smell a fragrant of something which you won’t be able to describe what it is. Both of you will argue for a while mainly on what language I’ve used to write to you. And here I can see both of you vividly; papa dominating the argument,'mom'. Then ‘papa’ will call my brother in tenth grade and insist him to read for them. He will unfold  my paper with hesitancy and start to read them aloud, translating to which both of you will give a sigh of relief. Then he will explain my above words missing out most, exaggerating some and I am sure he will not read you this line. I know he will be burning inside while muttering the lines about him, but he won't realize how much I miss him. He then continues, this time with the easy smile and reads these lines.
Papa and mama will not be able to estimate how happy and sad I am when I’m writing you this. I’m happy as I am who I am because of you. And the sadness is just by thinking how you both are feeling now, when you are hearing what I say from someone else. And I’m very much sure that the cold feeling of regret visits your mind…the regret of not being able to write me back your love and consolations. But I feel I’m really lucky to be born from you, raised by a corrective father and protective mother engulfed with your profound love. I can’t tell how much papa and mama meant to me while growing up. I am so proud to be your daughter.
I can still remember your whippings papa. You have done it right papa, when other friends of mine melts on something small reason, I do not despite how great the problem is. It’s your countless sticks that have made me bold and stronger at heart. And you fulfilled what the king Solomon said, ’’Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him”. Dear mum,  you have sacrificed a lot to keep us safe. You would have some discussion with Papa as every husband and wife does…but you always remained  superior just to bring a peace at home. I know papa is also proud of you for having you in his life.
So when all my words are coming to an end, I only want to bind all my respects for both of you, that you sacrificed and you missed a lot of special things just to keep one thing-a perfect relationship between the children and the parents bounded by love and the God’s guidance. I know you couldn’t provide us a good house and we are not born with a silver spoon in our mouth but you gave us a home. I had these emotions since a long time back when you made me a person able to rationalize things, but I held it till now as you know I never express things directly. 
I love you, my dear parents. You are and always will be my inspiration.
Yours loving daughter


  1. Your parents must be very proud of you...:):).

  2. Wow! what a loving daughter ! very good and inpiring letter which i am sure parents must be really happy and determined even to grow stronger famiy union and happines like that of waxing moon. Keep it up well written.