Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Almighty Lord, how beautiful is this universe
So work manly made, wonderful design it is
The mathematical precision none can match
Trusty an Engineer art thou, thy creation works smooth

Grasses green, trees majestic, mountains high
Plains vast, rivers perennial and oceans deep
Magnificent   beauty to behold
All singing thy praise in one accord

 You have multiplied the seed of men
Unto the numbers of sand by the riverbank
Living soul
have thou given them
And a mother to keep their watch

Blessed are the women who bear the fruit of mankind
They are benevolent; no one would love their child like they does
Their hands are tender; loving care runs in their every vessels
They would weep one weeps and the joy of laughter they would share

They are our mother; who labored to see us smile
The first word that we utter would bring in much joy
She is one woman I would not stop loving
She is my mom, I salute her deepest regard
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None can rival her love; words are less
Diamonds are less precious
Sky is less wide and oceans shallow
I thank mighty one for giving me a wonderful mom
Most beautiful of thy creations grand
Thank you Lord, I have seen you in her 


  1. Super,death and nature is always a myth for Human :)

  2. thanks for the comment Anu...yea i agree with you, i wish i could understand them better....