Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Nature is in 'Labour' to give birth to a new day
Time for asleep to awaken
Those who are still to limber and move.

For a day awaits to break silence of the night 
Chirping birds and early buses are first
To start the symphony of the day
Glaring prayers from temple across the street
is faithfully on time too.

Behold! dawn is here
May peace flourish with new rays of light
that dispels darkness of the night
But, how many dawns will it be 
When last soul have received his ray of hope?
Whosoever keepeth the count of souls, knoweth it 

Silence is a close companion 
Which comes alive and speaks 

when one stops 

Whose language I am beginning to understand 
It feels it was never alien 
but your own language it speaks 

It speaks rather loudly
But hearken with ears closed
and behold its colors with closed eyes

Be regaled with its
Loudness and beauty

The purity with which it fountains