Saturday, June 22, 2013

Boon of blogging

It has been some time, a year or two, maybe three, I don't remember exactly since when I developed this daily impulse of logging into blogger dot com.
I don't visit the blog to post new posts, I rarely gather my thoughts and put into words. More importantly, thoughts comes rare and I am a bad writer to pen it into black and white. So my own blog wears a deserted look and there is nothing much to look into.
Still I am regular, rather a regular reader, infact an avid reader of blogs that I follow.
I have realized, the biggest benefit of being a part of blogging world is being able to follow and read numerous blogs. Humors, information, arguments, heart touching stories,wisdom and knowledge entertains and educates me daily through various blogs. They are original and I can relate to them quite often.This are few elements that keeps me logging into blogger dot com.
Despite my failure to update my blog regularly, I won't fail to read the blogs that entertains me.

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