Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Life's Summers of Hope

The heat is on
Rivers are turning brown
Children flock the bank and pools
Grasses are wild grown
Rain is catching it's rhythm
showing no signs of ceasing
Lo! Summer is nigh
Summer is here
Spring is gone
So did the bright skies
and white snow caps

Rangjung ( place where i spent nine summers) in Summer
Frogs have found their voice
So have crickets joined the orchestra
heralding the lively summer
the colorful summer 
The summer of opportunity

Moths hovers plenty
By the veranda light
Escaping the rain
But rain is welcome
For the farmers
It's time for plough
And oxen to tire
And extra hand to hire
For It's time to sow
Corn and grains

For it will be folly for a man
To seek to harvest
When he have sown none
Because barren land
Gives no fruit

courtesy; google, women transplanting rice

Plant ye, prepare your field
Seek extra labour
When your summer is at hand
For when summer is long gone
And there is nothing to glean
By the fall
Winter will torment your
Soul poor, left in despair
But more wise and awaiting
The Life's next summer of new hope
If only there are more summers in store?