Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Encounter with Don Jerry

I planned to murder two unborn chickens in red shells,
worth  336 mg of cholesterol each for my supper. 
As I opened the door of my ill looking, so called kitchen,
which is more of an empty store with a sink and table for stoves.
I saw a rat, big enough to scare a cat.
I call it the city rat, the mafia kind.
Don Jerry would be a good name.
As it saw me with two chickens in my hand,
it was real surprised.
I caught the Don red handed.
I saw the glimpse of fear in its eye and I had a feeling to commit a real crime.
For missing tomatoes and tomatoes half nibbled had made me wait for the chance.
The Don Jerry was over powered with my human silhouette, it gave a flee.
The Don spun around the stove and made a leap.
It was a graceful leap I should say given the situation it was trapped in
With murder in my mind, it was worse.
But it leaped on my feet and gave me a leap.
It was swift and escape was a success story Don would tell
To the new recruits in his ‘Mafiadom’.
With the leap, I nearly slipped the chicken from my grip.
Before, the chickens reached the pan.
It would have been a bad fall for the chickens
And less cholesterol in my diet 


  1. This is an interesting incident. I could visualize the game between you and Don jerry jumping from one corner of room to another. Keep posting :)

  2. @Leoparsica thank you for the comment....interestingly Don Jerry happens to be my company for the nocturnal hours i spend but i found Don Jerry has become too careful since the above incident, i guess it saw the murder intent in my eyes like your posts too..

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